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The United States Department of Defense Advanced Special Projects new superwarfighter ( larger than an aircraft carrier ) is a strategic tactical multi-environmental ( aerial ocean going space ) craft employing a combination of 21st Century technologies such as advanced stealth applications and advanced energy weapon delivery systems rather than old tube and ammunition laden amphibious landing crafts or land-sea crafts weapon systems. The long-range submersible aerial space vehicle is specifically designed for air, sea, and space combat capabilities that combines strategic advanced defense stealth and directed energy weapon delivery systems into an extremely large but highly maneuverable vessel.

The behemoth vessel / craft is believed secretly dry docked ( see photo above ) is believed located inside a shuddered offshore facility near Hokaido, Japan. A close-up, of the original much larger photo, reveals several small-framed asian men wearing white laboratory coats beneath this large craft akin to what appeared in BattleStar Gallactica motion picture films. The super space submarine is believed to have remained secret for many years because development from private funding remains out of U.S. Congressional purview. Who, other than a Howard Hughes type or Bill Gates Eye-In-The-Sky NSA Teledesic Holdings Ltd. ( UK ), could finance building such a behemoth?..

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